Ghost Squad

Game System: Wii
Movie Author: Sabih

Ghost Squad is a light-gun rail shooter released for the arcade and the Nintendo Wii. The Wii version makes use of the Wii remote instead of a classic lightgun. After each playthrough the difficulty is getting harder. The movie contains the first playthrough because showing the hardest playthrough would have made it necessary to record more than ten playthroughs after each other. Due to the possibility to switch off the cursor, it looks very clean.

  • No missed shots
  • Takes no damage

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Mario Bros.

Game System NES
Time 0:07:06.98
Author Spikestuff
Emulator FCEUX 2.2.2

Mario Bros. is the known non-scrolling platform game with Mario and Luigi. It was released for the arcade and later ported to the NES. The plumber brothers are not yet able to defeat their enemies by jumping on their head so they have to punch them from below and kick them afterwards.

  • 2 players
  • Heavy luck manipulation
  • Played on hardest difficulty

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