New site online

Finally the site is online. A lot of changes have been made, some better, unfortunately some worse. At first you might see the new modern look. But not only that has changed. I will try to explain in a short version what changed at all.
I hope that I have created a better place for your effort in recording tool-assisted flawless playthrough videos, because well made videos need a well made presentation. Perhaps this might be even a little motivation of going on with recording even more and if possible even better videos for more entertainment and enterplayment.

Finally you can access the whole page with a device of your choice. No matter if you prefer to surf the internet with your mobile phone, your tablet or your pc. The page will fit to each device.

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Mega Turrican

Game System: Genesis
Movie Author: xRavenXP

Mega Turrican is a side-scrolling shoot'em up of the Turrican series. This game is released exclusively on the Sega Genesis. Unfortunately the game is very difficult and due to that it could be frustrating to play when it was released though it is a fantastic game. The graphics as well as the controls are very good and of course as you are used to it, Turrican games always have an awesome soundtrack.

  • Takes no damage
  • Played on hardest difficulty
  • All diamonds collected
  • All secret areas revealed
  • All extra lives collected

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Lords of Thunder

Game System: Sega CD
Movie Author: Dark Fulgore

Lords of Thunder, also known as Winds of Thunder, is a 2D side-scrolling shoot'em up, first released on PC Engine and then ported to the Sega CD. The game takes place in a fantasy world and the absolutely highlight of the game is the soundtrack for sure. If you like heavy metal this game is a must for you. Not to forget the gameplay itself which is great as well.

  • Takes no damage
  • Played on hardest difficulty
  • Collects all crystals

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Lagoonfor Super NESby xRavenXPencoding
Mega Turricanfor Genesisby xRavenXPpublished
Lords of Thunderfor Sega CDby Dark Fulgorepublished
Atomic Runnerfor Genesisby Exilantpublished
Punch-Out!!for Wiiby Sabihpublished