Rolling Thunder 2

Game System: Genesis
Movie Author: Sabih

Rolling Thunder 2 is part of the Rolling Thunder arcade game series from Namco ported to the Sega Genesis. It is a run and gun platform game which is known to be pretty hard because it is only possible to shoot horizontally. There are tons of enemies and extra weapons to collect and the famous hiding behind doors feature which the series is known for. 

  • Takes no damage
  • All secrets in doors revealed

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The Lion King

Game System Super NES
Time 0:12:51.20
Author Tompa
Emulator BizHawk 1.7.4

The Lion King is a platform jump'n run game based on the animated movie by Disney. The graphics and sprites were made by Disney in this game. At the beginning the player controls the young Simba and later the adult simba. In bonus stages even Timon and Pumbaa are controllable.

  • Heavy glitch abuse
  • Played on hardest difficulty

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